Why We're All About The New Golden Globes +1

Why We're All About The New Golden Globes +1
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It's all about the children, siblings and designer pals. We are family (and all)...

The Golden Globes was a big deal for many reasons - Ricky Gervais's only-just-acceptably-close-to-the-bone presenting, Leo's win, Gaga's bitchy-looking nudge - but one of the biggest was when we knew the official +1 was o-v-e-r. 

That, and also there was quite a few cute coupley announcements.

It was the awards ceremony where children, siblings and designer pals as +1s took over from the classic parent date. Even Leonardo DiCaprio's mum seemed noticeably absent from proceedings!

As well as that, Hollywood big names (albeit pretty random ones) bought their kids… Wiz Khalefa caused a red carpet storm with mum Katie 'Peachie' Wimbush, Jamie Lee Curtis bought her look-a-like daughter Annie (who was even sporting matching silver hair), Dwayne Johnson bought his 14-year-old daughter Simone Alexander and the Jada-Smiths were out in full force with Will's son Trey, the only child from his previous marriage. The Stallones were the biggest turn out of the evening, with Sylvester bringing three of his uber-glam daughters.

Amy Schumer, who was an hilarious as we've come to expect, brought her sister instead of new bf Ben Hanisch, who then featured in quite a lot of her Instagrams throughout the evening.

Amber Heard too left boyf Johnny Depp at home, while Julianne Moore swapped husband Bart Freundlich for Tom Ford, who designed her VERY sparkly dress, for the evening.

Now to the couple news… Rosie Huntington-Whiteley picked the red carpet to announce her engagement to longterm bf Jason Statham, while Eddie Redmayne confirmed the cutest news of 2016 (so far) - he's expecting a baby with wife Hannah Bagshawe.

In true adorably awks Eddie form, he answered Ryan Seacrest's question about the rumours saying 'that is true', then 'I'm sweating now - she's calm, I'm not'. 

Check out the red carpet +1s from the Golden Globes 2016.

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