Title: Carol
Nominated: motion picture drama; drama actress - Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara; director - Todd Haynes; original score
We say: “ A smorgasbord of 50’s elegance, this is also one of the saddest story of unrequited love you might ever see. Blachett, in particular, is at the top of her game.” 

Title: The Danish Girl
Nominated: drama actor - Eddie Redmayne; supporting actress - Alicia Vikander; original score
We say: “ Whilst Redmayne’s transformation is certainly newsworthy stuff, it’s Vikander’s subtle and touching performance that deserves award recognition. This is her time.”

Title: Joy
Nominated: motion picture comedy; comedy actress - Jennifer Lawrence
We say: “ Lawrence has done it again: she’s nothing short of a joy in this movie about a female boss (in every sense of the word.)”

Title: Mad Max: Fury Road
Nominated: motion picture drama; director - George Miller
We say: “ We’re disappointed that chief warrior Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) didn’t get a nod in this fast, hectic, apocalyptic flick.”

Title: Room
Nominated: motion picture drama; drama actress - Brie Larson, screenplay
We say: “ A perfectly executed movie adaptation of a book, Larson’s lead performance is nothing short of superb.”

Title: Steve Jobs
Nominated: drama actor - Michael Fassbender; supporting actress - Kate Winslet; screenplay; original score
We say: “ It underperformed at the box office but Fassbender’s performance as Apple’s co-founder has rarely been better.”


Title: The Martian
Nominated: motion picture comedy; comedy actor - Matt Damon; director - Ridley Scott
We say: “ A space epic for geeks and novices alike, Matt Damon cemented his A-list status with this stellar performance.”

Title: The Revenant
Nominated: motion picture drama; drama actor - Leonardo DiCaprio; director - Alejandro González Iñárritu; original score
We say: “ DiCaprio is campaigning HARD for this win, where he plays a legendary frontiersman in the 1800’s, left for dead by his team after a brutal bear attack. Could this be his time?”

Title: Trainwreck
Nominated: motion picture comedy; comedy actress - Amy Schumer
We say: “ Schumer is one of our favourite comedic actresses and this was one of the most enjoyable films of 2015. With this in mind? Just, YES.”

Title: The Hateful Eight
Nominated: screenplay, supporting actress – Jennifer Jason Leigh
We say: “ Quentin Tarantino's murderous western see’s him back to his best and this is a great comeback for Jennifer Jason Leigh.”


Title: Transparent
Nominated: comedy series; comedy actor - Jeffrey Tambor; supporting actress - Judith Light
We say: “ This nails the zeitgeist-y topic of transgender issues led by Caitlyn Jenner. Had the first series not come out before her unveiling, we’d have bet it was loosely based on the Kardashian/Jenner clan.”

Title: Empire
Nominated: drama series; drama actress - Taraji P. Henson
We say: “ The ‘black Dynasty’ is TV gold whilst as wronged matriarch Cookie Lyon, Taraji P. Henson is nothing short of fierce.”

Title: Fargo
Nominated: miniseries; miniseries actress - Kirsten Dunst; miniseries actor - Patrick Wilson
We say: “ This is an art house version of the Coen Brother’s 1996 film of the same name. It’s also a welcome return to one of our favourite indie actresses.”

Title: American Horror Story: Hotel
Nominated: miniseries; miniseries actress - Lady Gaga
We say: “ Never has a series had a problem with taking things to the next level whilst GaGa got a reputation on set for wanting to do even more explicit stuff that was in the script. This would be a deserved win.”

Title: Narcos
Nominated: drama series; drama actor - Wagner Moura
We say: “ As the overweight, demented drug lord Pablo Escabar, Wagner Moura somehow manages to make him kind of sexy. Which, in our book, deserves a win.”

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